How to Request a Transcript


New Jersey Legal Transcription


Non-Appeal Requests

Step 1 - Open Court Transcript Request (R. 2:5-3)

Please open the State mandated Court Transcript Request (R. 2:5-3) in a new tab by right-clicking the link below.

Step 2 - Complete and Save the Request

Complete the request in the additional tab. To request us specifically, do so in the Instructions section or the email to the transcript unit.

If the requested transcript(s) has already been assigned to another Agency/Transcriber, you will be notified.

Save the PDF (completed request) to your computer in a location where it can be easily accessed once completed.

Step 3 - Send the Request

Use this link to locate the contact information for the appropriate transcript unit:

Once the destination email has determined, email the completed request to them.

If New Jersey Transcription is your agency of choice, please notify the Transcript Unit when submitting your request.

Example: “Please use New Jersey Transcription for this request.”

Appeal Requests

Self-represented Litigants and attorneys do not file appeal requests in the same fashion. Please see the instructions below:

Self-represented litigants

Self represented litigants must order their appeal transcripts using the paper Court Transcript Request (R. 2:5-3), which can be accessed via the link above. You must then submit your form to the Appellate Transcript Unit by email via

Alternatively, the request can be mailed to:

. Appellate Division

. Transcript Unit

. Hughes Justice Complex

. P.O. Box 968

. Trenton, NJ 08625-0968


All transcripts requested by attorneys for appeal purposes must be e-Filed by completing a system-generated transcript request form through the eCourts Appellate System, which can be found at the following link:

Upon entry, the required credentials will be Bar ID and password.

Now what?

After submitting the request, the transcript unit will process it in the order in which it was received. Daily and expedited are handled with extreme urgency. When we receive the audio and request from the court, we will email you an invoice with payment instructions. Once payment is received, we will begin work on the transcript(s).


General Transcription


If you would like any other type of transcript completed, click the link below and complete that form.

Once received, we will reach out with upload instructions.