New Jersey Transcription Service is a transcription company specializing in legal transcription.

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1How do I order a transcript?

Simply click "How to Request a Transcript" on the ribbon above. Detailed instructions are provided therein.

In summary, a request must be completed and emailed to the appropriate destination.

2 Can I request who prepares my transcripts?

Yes, you can request who prepares your transcripts. In cases where the requested transcripts have already been assigned to another company, you will be notified of such.

3Can I request a specific transcriber for appeals?

When e-filing, you would request the agency of your choice under the "Instructions for Court Reporter or Transcription Agency:" section. Please indicate your preferred agency therein.

4How do I know the estimated cost of a transcript?

Typically one minute of audio equals one page of a transcript.

Example: If the audio file is 30 minutes long, the transcript will be about 30 pages. The page count would then be multiplied by the per page rate.